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The Nation’s Premiere Source for Certificate of Deposit Rates

Its no secret why U.S. Sterling Capital is the nation’s leading referral firm of Federally Insured Jumbo Certificates of Deposit for the country’s community banks and credit unions.

It isn’t because we’re the biggest firm, or the flashiest. Old-fashioned values like honesty and hard work don’t make for glitzy headlines or high-impact copy.

But think U.S. Sterling Capital and words like integrity and professionalism come to mind. Not that you should have to take our word for it: ask any one of our 4,000 active institutional clients, all of whom place in excess of $8 billion annually.

After nearly two decades in the certificate of deposit industry, our unwavering commitment to ethical dealings and immediate attention to the needs of our clients have helped us become the nation’s premiere referral service of jumbo CDs.

Like we said, it’s not a secret. It’s just good business, plain and simple.