1393 Veterans Memorial Highway

Suite 412N Hauppauge, NY


1393 Veterans Memorial Highway

Suite 412N Hauppauge, NY


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Disclosure: U.S. Sterling is not an FDIC or an NCUA-insured depository institution. U.S. Sterling is a CD rate and deposit funding referral firm. As such, all funds are deposited directly into FDIC/NCUA-insured depository institutions, no funds are sent to or held by U.S. Sterling. FDIC and NCUA deposit insurance coverage only protects against the failure of an FDIC or an NCUA-insured depository institution. Pass-through insurance is subject to certain conditions.


It’s no secret why U.S. Sterling is the nation’s leading referral firm of Federally Insured Jumbo Certificates of Deposit for the country’s banks and credit unions. It isn’t because we’re the biggest firm, or the flashiest. Old-fashioned values like honesty and hard work don’t make for glitzy headlines or high-impact copy. But think U.S. Sterling and words like integrity and professionalism come to mind. Not that you should have to take our word for it: ask any one of our 4,000 active institutional clients, all of whom place in excess of $8 billion annually. With over three decades in the certificate of deposit industry, our unwavering commitment to ethical dealings and immediate attention to the needs of our clients have helped us become the nation’s premiere referral service of jumbo CDs. Like we said, it’s not a secret. It’s just good business, plain and simple.

About – U.S. Sterling

U.S. Sterling specializes in referring jumbo certificates of deposit nationwide.

Client Focused

Since we began serving our clients in 1987, U.S. Sterling has grown to become the country’s leading referral service of jumbo CDs. Today, we proudly serve over 4,000 institutional and individual clients enabling them to better manage their investments.

Certificates of Deposit – U.S. Sterling refers hundreds of banks, savings & loan associations and credit unions that actively offer and buy bank and credit union Certificates of Deposit (CDs).

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Certificate of Deposit Product Types

Fixed-Rate CDs

This is the most common and, perhaps, the simplest bank certificate of deposit available. Issued by a bank, they are both non-callable and non-transferable.

Non-Callable CDs

Also known as a ‘Bullet CD,’ they work the same as a Fixed-Rate CD, wherein the interest rate is fixed for the agreed term. A Bullet CD can also work like a Zero Coupon CD, as well.

Step-Up CDs

The fixed interest rate is set in advance to attract investors with the expectation of an increasing interest rate environment.

Zero Coupon CDs

These CDs are more attractive to the investor who does not require interest payments during the term of the CD.

Protect your Principal

Yields on our CDs are commonly higher than local bank interest rates and the comparable U. S. Treasury term. Coupled with monthly interest payments, CDs are one of the most attractive investment vehicles available. Furthermore, the FDIC and NCUA insures CDs up to $250,000 per account. The safety of this investment, its high rate and flexible maturity terms make it a key element in any investment portfolio.

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